One Yellow Rabbit presents

A Brimful of Asha

Why Not Theatre

"You don’t get to choose any member of your family.Why do you need to choose your wife?” - Asha Jain

Have another samosa, and try not to take sides in this very Canadian story of love and marriage. Real-life mother and son, Asha and Ravi Jain (an award winning actor, director, producer and educator), share the stage to candidly tell this true – and very Canadian – story of inter-generational culture clash. While Ravi plans his adventures in India, his parents scheme to arrange his marriage to a nice Indian girl. Ravi, a typically Canadian young man, is not impressed. But, Asha fears that time is running out. Be sure to catch this delightful and surprising, true-life story. It will make you wonder where your own sympathies lie



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What they're saying:

"Fresh, warm family drama - served with samosas."
- The Globe & Mail

"Ravi Jain is a theatre force of nature."
- The Slotkin Letter

"Asha is simply wonderful as herself: a clever, subtle woman with an impish sense of humour and a smile that lights up the whole theatre."
- Toronto Star

"Don't be fooled by their air of informality - this is an artfully crafted piece of theatre."
- The Grid TO