One Yellow Rabbit Presents


Waawaate Fobister

Agokwe explores unrequited love between teenaged boys from neighbouring reserves. Mike is a hockey player and Jake is a dancer. The boys notice each other at the Kenora Shoppers Mall and ultimately connect through a mutual love of movement while Mike skates and Jake dances "like grass blowing in the wind." Playing these and many more characters through the iconic multifarious persona of Nanabush The Trickster, 23-year-old Ojibwa playwright/performer Waawaate Fobister delivers a multi-award winning tour-de-force. Agokwe is a remarkable testament to the joys and tragedies of growing up marginalized by race and sexuality within a small rural community.

*Purchase your tickets for Agokwe and Club Carousel: A Cabaret Celebration of Calgary’s Gay History together and receive both shows for $50. Available only by phone or in person at the EPCOR CENTRE Box Office - 403.294.9494

What they're saying:

"A story of 'gay love on the rez', Agokwe is a plea for tolerance and action. It’s also hugely entertaining."
- Georgia Straight

"Fobister’s revealing, brave, and witty characters weave a bittersweet social commentary about a community struggling to redefine itself."
- Vancouver Observer

"…positive and empowering and drew cheers from members of the audience."
- Toronto Star