One Yellow Rabbit and Vertigo Theatre's BD&P Mystery Theatre Series Present

Antoine Feval

Created and Performed by Chris Gibbs

London, 1896. Barnaby Gibbs is an incurable optimist, Sherlock Holmes fan, and a man who knows he’s not particularly good at anything.

One night, while checking on a friend's empty house, he encounters a stranger, dressed entirely in black, holding a bag full of stolen belongings and attempting to write a poem about sapphires. There is only one conclusion a reasonable man could come to: this is the notorious cat burglar/con-man known as the Rhyming Bandit! However, Barnaby is not a reasonable man, and when the stranger explains he is actually the famous detective Antoine Feval, a new crime-fighting duo is born.

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What they're saying:

"Absolutely priceless… Sherlockians will be in heaven. Everyone else will be here, laughing hard."
- Edmonton Journal

"Chris Gibbs is such an effortlessly natural, off-the-cuff comedian that it's easy to overlook what a superb playwright he is. Arguably the year’s most perfect script."
- Vue Weekly

"Chris Gibbs wins over the audience while telling a mystery story with twists, turns, and plenty of gadzooks moments."
- Now Magazine