One Yellow Rabbit Presents

Super Night Shot

Gob Squad

An adventure through the nighttime streets of Calgary.

Super Night Shot is theatre-film that begins when four performers/activists meet armed with video cameras. The four simultaneously set off into the night, letting their cameras roll. Only one thing is certain: 60 minutes later they will meet again to present their video creation to the waiting audience.

Super Night Shot attempts to reframe the banality of everyday life into the glamour and glitz of a blockbuster movie. This unpredictable show elevates the everyday into the epic and plays with comfortable perceptions of the familiar.
Anything can happen, and usually does.

Over the years, the film's hero (a role rotated amongst Gob Squad's performers) has done his/her best to solve all the problems thrown at them. In Siberia, the hero was asked to bring warmth to the city and melt the snow, in Brazil, the hero bridged the gap between rich and poor and helped raise money for a homeless woman to buy milk for her baby. In London, the hero gave some instant marriage guidance to quarrelling pensioners. In Bangalore, the hero provided security for a market trader and during a recent mission in the company's home town of Berlin the hero helped some confused shoppers assemble their new Ikea shelves. Which challenges will Calgary throw at Gob Squad?

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What they're saying:

"This feels like one of the most impossible, beautiful, courageous and epic theatrical experiences you can imagine"
- The Guardian

"Fragile and Beautiful."
- Le Temps

"A spectacle of breathtaking tension."
- Libération

"In their war on anonymity, Gob Squad have won the battle."
- Berliner Zeitung