One Yellow Rabbit presents

The Keith Richards One Woman Show

Suitcase in Point

St. Catharines, Canada

Mona loves the Stones. She can't get enough of Keith Richards. She is pretty-well obsessed. A chain-smoking, prophesying Richards summons rollicking memories to show this small-town, sleep-deprived "Keith junky," that you can't emulate your heroes. "I wanted to be Chuck Berry, baby, and then I met the fucker."

Inspired by his legendary image and outrageous endurance, The Keith Richards One Woman Show is a swishy-swashy Jack Daniels toast to getting by just as you are.

Performed by Deanna Jones, Mona's 'trip' through Keith's life from boyhood to drug-bust (Toronto, 1977) includes run-ins with Mick Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, Gram Parsons and a giant tongue. A live rock score, played by Kevin Richardson, invokes the world of the Stones and, in particular, the raw sounds of Keith.

What they're saying:

"Humorous and introspective, The Keith Richards One Woman Show leads audiences through the highs and lows of the Rolling Stones guitarist's often ridiculous life."
- The Torontoist

"The Keith Richards One Woman Show is an entertaining rundown of the epic life of rock n' roll's quintessential living legend. It's a brilliant tribute to all things Keef that's equal parts hilarious, touching, and bizarre - like the man himself"
- Theatromania