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Young Jean Lee's Theater Company

Brooklyn, United States of America

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An exquisitely flamboyant illustration of the performance of gender which we all negotiate every moment of every day, Young Jean Lee’s UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW is a visceral exploration of varying feminist paradigms. Six charismatic stars of the downtown New York theatre, dance, cabaret, and burlesque worlds come together in a blend of comic vignettes, contemporary dance sequences, and evocative video images. With an absence of words (and clothes) the performers enact and subvert every stereotype, caricature, archetype and construction of women that both reveal and challenge the viewers’ assumptions about gender politics. An ecstatic celebration of choice – both as a reclamation of the power of historical “female” gender roles and as a pioneering vision of a feminist utopia, UNTITLED FEMINIST SHOW is an energetic meditation on issues of gender in our culture.

Show performed in full nudity.

Called the “most adventurous playwright of her generation,” Young Jean Lee has been creating a diverse body of work since 2003 with her Obie award-winning New York-based theatre company.  A recipient of the 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship and named one of the ‘top 25 artists who will change the face of American theatre’ by American Theatre Magazine, Young Jean Lee represents the future of American contemporary theatre.

Purchase tickets online through the Theatre Junction GRAND ticketing website or call 403.205.2922 x1

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What they're saying:

"Young Jean Lee is, hands down, the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation"
- The New York Tmes

"The clearest indication that the avant-garde isn't dead, and has never been funnier"
- New York Magazine

"[Young Jean Lee] confirms herself as one of the best experimental playwrights in America"
- Time Out New York