One Yellow Rabbit Presents

Jack Charles V. The Crown

ILBIJERRI Theatre, Toured by Performing Lines

Based on the life of Uncle Jack Charles, spoken in his own words.

A powerful one-man show that shines the spotlight on the colourful life of one of Australia’s near forgotten treasures. Jack is an actor, musician, potter and gifted performer, but for a good portion of his nearly 70 years he has also been homeless, an addict, a thief and a regular in Victoria’s prisons.

A respected Aboriginal Elder who pioneered Koorie theatre in the early 70s, founded Nindethana, the first Aboriginal theatre company, was a television regular and the star of movies including The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, Jack is one of Australia’s most highly regarded performers. At almost 70, no longer caught in the cycle of addiction, crime and doing time, Jack sings and tells his extraordinary tale with extraordinary flair.

Manamith koolin-l ganbu nuther mooyup Djilak-djirri – dha Jack Yinga-dha koolin Jack Marnang-bul Jack Emaraleek djilak-djirri –dha Jack Bullarto weekabul weelam –ut Toy-yon –it Nyeelam-bul pinbullally – bul Baambuth – al Dullally koolin Bullarto weelam Victoria –ut Dhumba – dha ba yingadha weegan-dha Jack

One man shows his talent. Jack an actor. Jack a singer. Jack works with his hands – a potter. Jack a gifted performer. Many years homeless, An addict, A thief, Did time. Proud Kulin man. Lived in the BIG house in Victoria. Jack sings and tells his life story.

- Translated to Boon Wurrung by Fay Stewart-Muir, Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages

Join us for a post-show discussion with the artists, January 29th.  Facilitated by One Yellow Rabbit Artistic Director, Blake Brooker.

What they're saying:

"There is something special about Uncle Jack. Something about his voice, his stature, his laugh, his story something powerful but humbling. It was that something that ricocheted people to their feet to give the man a standing ovation. "
- Dione Joseph, Australian Stage