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Paddle Song

Cheri Maracle

Pauline Johnson was a trailblazing heroine, proud Mohawk poet and performer during the late 1800s. The daughter of a respected Six Nations Mohawk Chief, and an English mother, Pauline embraced her heritage and fiercely challenged the stereotypes of women and First Nations Peoples with her unique stage show, which she performed for more than 30
Her powerful story is brought to life in Paddle Song, a one-woman musical theatre performance by Cheri Maracle, that captures the heart and journey of young Pauline, from canoeing the Grand River at home on Chiefswood, to earning her place on stages in Canada, the United States and Great Britain.
Paddle Song reflects the legacy Pauline carved out: an unparalleled mixed-blood persona that would influence Indigenous performers and audiences, for decades to come.
Cheri Maracle is a multi-award-nominated Mohawk-Irish actor, singer and songwriter of the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.
Yako’nikonhratshá:nit tsi niyakónnhes ne Pauline Johnson. Ohnakénkha ne 18 tewennyaweréhson, yakohsennowá:nen né:’e tsi yeweyén:te tsi yehyá:tons ne kawenniyóhston tahnon teyontyerónnyons kahswen’karáhere akwáh tsi ok nón:we Korahne. Paddle Song, nè:ne Dinah Christie nok Tom Hill rotihyá:ton, tahnon teyontyerónnyens ne Cheri Maracle, wathró:ris ne Pauline akoká:ra – ónhka ok nè:ne teyakonekwenhsayéhston, nè:ne ó:ya thiyakonkwe’tò:ten, nè:ne aontahoti’nikonhratihéntho’ ne onkwehón:we tehontyerónnyons nok ronterohrókhes tsi niyó:re kenh wenhniseratényon.
- Translated to Mohawk by Brian Maracle

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What they're saying:

"...her life fully realized onstage...excellently executed, this work will become a much needed voice in the canon of Canadian Theatre..."
- Ryan Cunningham, Artistic Director, Native Earth Performing Arts Theatre Co.

"... filled with beautiful music and movement...the story reveals itself most compellingly through the dramatic performance..."
- Marion DeVries, Artistic Director, The Blythe Festival