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Theatre Replacement

Part performance, part parlour game, WeeTube uses the publicly posted comments found under popular YouTube Videos as performance text to highlight the brilliant and the mundane found in the world’s most populated critical discourse.

Behind YouTube, one of the most influential media on earth, lurks an immense community of people who comment upon its content, often anonymously. The usual niceties of courtesy and amiability do not seem to apply in this virtual world. In WeeTube, the world’s most notorious YouTube videos are the backdrop for a performance hosted by James Long and Maiko Bae Yamamoto of Theatre Replacement. Using the publicly posted comments that follow these videos and placing them in familiar dramatic settings, they engage in a revealing and disturbing dialogue that will make you question our species and ROFL at the same time.

** Purchase your tickets for WeeTube and Kate Bowie together and receive both shows for $50 – a savings of $10. Available only by phone or in person at the Arts Commons Box Office - 403.294.9494

What they're saying:

"First baffling and then hilarious, each of these scenes offers dialogue revealing the intimate inanity of a world where people communicate through the ether in meaningless jabber. I have seen the future, and it is a LOL funny freak show."
- Vancouver Sun