Presented by One Yellow Rabbit

You Are Here Too - Recalling The Whaler

Created by The Deep Field Podcast (HPR "Listeners in Residence")

If you’ve ever seen Michael Green do The Whaler,  you have every naked detail etched in your mind. It was wild theatre at its hilarious best — wet, nude, and undeniable.

During the Rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights, The Deep Field Podcast team will be looking for you with tape rolling, to record your tall tales of Michael Green’s The Whaler . Share what The Whaler means to you, and celebrate what you remember.

As the High Performance Rodeo’s official Listeners in Residence, we will borrow your voices to build a chorus. A cacophony. A sea shanty.

If you never caught the spectacle, you can find out all about it on January 29 (Listening Party). Join us for a Listening Party where we compose YOUR remembrances, YOUR belly laughs, and YOUR voices shouting out “I AM THE WHALER!” one or two – or a hundred – times more.