5-Minute Therapy performance at the High Performance Rodeo performed by The Chop
One Yellow Rabbit Presents

5-Minute Therapy

The Chop

Do you have 5 minutes?  If so, you need not despair about love, your career trajectory, or if God has forsaken you.

Screw those expensive hour-long therapy sessions.  Meet with a self-proclaimed specialist who can help you find the light in the darkest of times.  Professional advice giver, Emelia Symington Fedy, will tell you what ou need to hear - wheather you like it or not - by the end of an egg timer. 

Come on in.  It's a cold world out there.  Emelia brings the egg timer; you bring the questions.



CBC radio 1 sits down with Emelia in studio.  To listen to the interview from January 26, click here

The Gauntlet covers all things speed dating and therapy in their January 24 article.  To read the article, click here