As I Lay Dying cast image of actress with an arm around the neck of male actor. Part of the High Performance Rodeo and performed by Theatre Smith Gilmour
One Yellow Rabbit Presents

As I Lay Dying

Theatre Smith Gilmour

Theatre Smith-Gilmour presents a darkly comic tour-de-force, in an original adaptation of Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

This southern gothic story chronicles the Bundren family's odyssey to bury their matriarch, battling floods, fire and their privae demons as calamity and chaos haunt their 40-mile funeral procession across Mississippi.

This vibrantly theatrical adaptation of one of the finest twentieth century novels features multiple narrator on a bare stage, a supremely versatile cast, and powerful movement-based physical theatre decised by Canada's masters of the genre, Theatre Smith-GIlmour.

Dean Gilmour and Mchele Smith met in 1978 while studying at the School of Jacques Lecoq in Paris. In 1980, they formed Theatre Smith-Gilmour and have since created 38 shows, 25 of which have been original plays.  The company has toured across Canada several times and to 14 countries throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and Russia.  Their work has been nominated for 35 Dora Awards (winning 10) and nominated twice for the Chalmers' Best Canadian Play Award. 



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What they're saying:

"It is brutal comedy. It is southern, gothic mysticism. It is the story of our lives, or perhaps the lives of our neighbours."
- Joe Fiorito, Toronto Star