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Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera

b current theatre

Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera is a non-stop, high energy, one-man show using original music and physical theatre to tell the parodied story of two brothers living the hip hop life.

Taking the aundience from the 1970s all the way into the future, this fast-fowarding/rewinding live hip hop show is written entirely in rhyme and cleverly crafted song lyrics. 

Sebastien Heins utilizes hip hop and R & B, rap, soul, funk, and gospel to take the audience on an epic story of family and brotherly love.  This speical afteRock production will give audiences the experience of being at the live hip hop show. 

As an acting student at the National Theatre School of Canada, Heins conceived of his first 15-minute iteration of Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera, then called CashMoney & CashPussy, chronicling one tragic night in the lives of two hip hop superstars.  Upon graduation, he was invited to the international United Solo festival with his 60-minute production in New York City, where he won the Best Emerging Artist Award.

Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera has been featured in Soulofest, ClownFest, Piece of Mine Festival, and b current's rock.paper.sistahz festival. it's full premiere production is in b current's afterRock Plays (


Content Warning:  The production contains mature content - explicit sexual language, substance abuse, and prison violence.  Educational material is available at the box office upon request.  

Educational Material for Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera is available for download as a .pdf file.  To access the file, click here


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What they're saying:

""I have a clear message for anyone who has not seen Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera - Drop everything and go see it now!""
- Christopher Hoile, Stage Door