By Heart performance with Tiago Rodrigues on stage with 10 audience members during the High Performance Rodeo
One Yellow Rabbit Presents

By Heart

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

By Heart is about the importance of transmission, of the invisible smuggling of words and ideas that only keeping a text in your memory can provide.

In By Heart, Portuguese playwright and actor Tiago Rodrigues teaches a poem to 10 people in front of the audience.  These 10 people have never seen the performance and they have no idea which text they will be learning by heart.  While teaching them, Rodrigues unfolds a mix of stories of his soon-to-be-blind grandmother and stories of writers and characters from books that are, somehow connected to the old lady and himself.

By Heart is about a theatre that recognizes itself as that place of transmission of what you can't measure in metres, euros or bytes.  It's about the safe hiding place that forbidden texts have always found in our brains and our hearts, as a guarantee of civilization even in the most barbaric and desolate times.


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What they're saying:

"A performance with the appearance of a brotherly simplicity, a short performance, but so deep, so intelligent and so magnificent that we come out of it profoundly moved...a poet, a seer, an artist that drives us, without any safety net..."
- Armelle Heliot, Le Figaro