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Black Arm Band


A one-of-a-kind performance that speaks of endurance, challenge, unity and the triumph of the spirit.

Journey through Australia’s cultural heartland in a theatrical, visually sumptuous, multimedia performance. This collective of musicians, composers, dancers and filmmakers tell deeply felt stories with stunning imagery, traditional and contemporary song, performed in 11 Indigenous languages with traditional instruments including the didgeridoo.

Entertaining as it educates, their performance dirtsong raises awareness of the importance, resonance and contribution that Aboriginal traditions have on global culture, as well as the issues that Indigenous people face worldwide.

Black Arm Band is an Australian Aboriginal music and theatre collective, celebrating over 40,000 years of Indigenous music, culture and language. Using sumptuous visual projections, costumes, and text, this super group of musicians, composers, directors and film makers create contemporary work that resonates with the triumph of the spirit.

Co-presented with Arts Commons Presents as part of the BD&P World Music.


High Performance Rodeo: Black Arm Band's dirtsong brings universal scope to Australia's indigenous communities.  Check out the January 28 article in the Calgary Herald by clicking here

Black Arm Band sat in studio with CBC's Homestrech.  To listen to the January 31 interview, click here

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What they're saying:

"An uplifting experience that said more about black and white solidarity than a million parliamentary speeches."
- The West Australian