Series of 4 images, each with one person with headphones or cellphone to their ears while they participate in the interactive performance of Landline: Calgary to St. John's, part of the High Performance Rodeo
One Yellow Rabbit Presents

Landline: Calgary To St. John's

XOSecret (Secret Theatre)

Landline offers a curious exposure to the feeling of being alone together.

Landline is a performance that takes place in two places at once.  Using smartphones, participants are invited to play the dual role of audience and performer in an audio=guided, experiential walking tour of the city.  Each audience member is partnered with a fellow participant in another city.  They converse in real time via text message.

As the experience unfolds, individuals are prompted to share stories, memories and secrets.  The project uses the urban landscape as a backdrop for the relationship forming between two strangers.

Important show requirements:

  • Carry a cellphone with a texting plan and ensure your battery is fully charger.  Landline uses SMS, regular rates apply.
  • Dress appropriately to walk outside for 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your departure time.
  • Space is limited.  Make your reservation early to avoid disappointment. 


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