Father sitting on a high chair with the legs of his young daughter wrapped over his shoulders while she pees on him and it runs down his shirt.
One Yellow Rabbit Presents


QuipTake & Pandemic Theatre



But, now I'm a father.  I have a daughter.  So that's all behind me...Right?

Both hysterical and disturbing, Daughter plays in the liminal space between autobiography and fiction. It is a darkly satirical piece about a father stuck in a moment of confusion — raised in patriarchy, confronting his new identity as a patriarch/father, and not knowing how to operate in the world. Daughter is a true thought disrupter that will leave you charged and ready to talk. This provocative one-man show about toxic masculinity is written by Canada’s Bouffon — King Adam Lazarus and co-created with Ann-Marie Kerr, Melissa D’Agostino and Jiv Parasram.

Daughter interrogates questions of culpability and complicity in our society. It examines the subtle and not so subtle ways we condone and encourage misogyny; “boys will be boys”.

Welcome to Daughter: a show that exposes the hypocrisies and complexities of the human experience.

Formed by Adam Lazarus in 2004, the goal of QuipTake is to provoke and entertain, to showcase the virtuosity of performance and text, and to artistically collide with current ideas and problems bubbling in the Zeitgeist.

Founded in 2009, Pandemic Theatre is a Toronto-based company mandated to create, develop and produce work from critical and underrepresented perspectives that engage social and political themes. It strives to create spaces where political discourse is not only possible, but encouraged.

What they're saying:

"This will be the scariest show you see all year, as dangerously engaging (and genuinely funny) as it is brutally visceral. A+"
- My Entertainment World