A white wall filled with an drawing of a whale.  A woman is standing in front of the wall looking at the camera.
One Yellow Rabbit Presents



The anthropologist saw me and thought, “I have discovered a new civilization.” I saw her and thought, “Yes, a babysitter.”

2020. There’s a global pregnancy epidemic, and only Margaret gives birth — to a very unusual baby. She and her baby are quarantined in the North, which is now a desert. April, an eager anthropologist, arrives to chronicle this unusual family’s struggle to survive and becomes more entangled than she ever anticipated.

In this unsettling and darkly funny new solo piece, playwright/performer Georgina Beaty has created a strange and beautiful dystopia to evoke unsettling truths about where our planet may be headed.

Based in Calgary, Downstage produces Canadian theatre that creates meaningful conversation around social issues. With a focus on new work created by local artists, we offer artistic experiences that are entertaining, inventive, thought-provoking and highly relevant to your everyday life.

*The January 20th performance at 2:00 PM has been cancelled.

What they're saying:

"Everything I'd hoped. Smart and funny and caring and deeply theatrical. Amazing good work."
- Jacob Zimmer, Artistic Director, Nakai Theatre