Presented by One Yellow Rabbit & Vertigo Theatre

True Crime

The Castletown Massive Production in Association with Crow’s Theatre

Now In Development To Be A Feature Film!


Clark Rockefeller is a real life conman of the highest order, now serving a near-life sentence in a California State prison.  And iconic musician and provocateur Torquil Campbell wants to try him on for size.  What does it mean for an excellent fabulator to embody an excellent fabulator?  And in the end, does an intricate con differ that much from a successful work of art?  Entirely scripted or absolutely extemporaneous, True Crime is a mind-twisting encounter with an artist obsessed with how we all fake it, one way or another.

This show appeared as a work-in-development at the 2016 High Performance Rodeo titled, "The Rockefeller Project".


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What they're saying:

"The source from which art springs is often quite malevolent, selfish and dark."
- Torquil Campbell, Stars frontman and actor/playwright