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The Democratic Set

Back to Back Theatre

Inclusive, Collaborative, Experimental Free Public Event!

This was such a heartwarming and beautiful project showcasing the many voices across the city of Calgary.  If you loved the project and want more, or weren't able to fit the screening of the film into your #HPRodeo schedule, you're in luck.  Scroll down below, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show. 

Canadian Premiere.  Disturbingly obvious and tantalizing strange, The Democratic Set is an experimental residency model for working with communities. Created using an assembly of short performances for film, it is an unrestricted and uncensored exploration of ideals of equality and freedom.

Using a custom-made film set—a neutral room with two opposing doors—The Democratic Set is a free space to be pushed, extended or manipulated, with each participant having full control over how their time is spent in the set.

Authoring a unique living trace of a community at a particular moment in time, participants are invited to untangle what an uncensored space means to them and to be surprised by the mysterious, funny, poignant and provocative sets as they pan the screen.

Open to the public. Visit Inside Out Theatre in Eau Claire Market January 9 – 10. Patrons of the Calgary Public Library can reserve their free seat to the January 12 feature screening by reserving free tickets here. Screening is a free public event.

Take Part In The Project And Be In A Film!  Sign-Up HERE!