The Chop

How To Disappear Completely

Part Documentary. Part Memorial. All Heart.

Deeply profound and surprisingly funny, Itai Erdal is an award-winning lighting designer who combines multimedia, video footage and storytelling to transport audiences into his captivating journey. Drawing on a life fully lived between his birthplace, Jerusalem, and his current home in Vancouver, Erdal demonstrates his approach to theatrical lighting while also reflecting on the events that followed his mother asking him to do the unimaginable.

In 2000 Erdal received a phone call telling him his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and had nine months to live. Erdal promptly travelled to Israel to spend every moment he could with his mother. During that time, he shot hours of film and hundreds of photos, documenting her final days.

How to Disappear Completely pairs the power of Erdal’s story with the nuanced potency of stage lighting. It is a personal yet universal story of life, death and the special tie between a mother and her son.

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