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In Focus Workshops: Brave Space


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Inclusivity, equality, diversity, privilege, de-colonization. These are some of many foundational processes and practices discussed at panels, circles, industry events, classrooms, gatherings,  and even at parties. It starts with conversation, but what happens after? What action affirms and upholds the values set out during that intimate session? How do you create space for you to both be heard and give space for others to be heard? This is a workshop for all of us to be together: talking, reflecting, connecting, making agreements, and taking risks to make the change. What’s in it for We?


What are we talking about when we talk about being inclusive?

How do we determine what we actually need and what we might be able to do without?

How do we cultivate practices of compromise and flexibility?

How do we have difficult conversations?

How do we increase our capacity for uncomfortable feelings?

Is it worth getting past agreeing to disagree? Welcome to the Brave Space.


Join JD Derbyshire MDES (Inclusive Design), artist, thinker, comedian and creator of improvisation for shy people,and co-host Adrienne Wong as we delve into some serious play around these questions and what it means to create brave space within ourselves and in the spaces we move through.