Two people sit across each other at a table.  One has clown makeup on and the other is barefoot and reaching out away from the table.

Footnote Number 12

Spreafico Eckly and Theatre Replacement


Bizarre, Curious, Surgical.

Let’s say, just for now, that 2006 was the last unchallenged moment of western power—this white spectre’s final year of being the given, the norm, the voice...for everyone in the world. This new work by Spreafico Eckly(Norway) and Theatre Replacement (Canada) runs with this assumption and uses a 2006 magazine article from the New York Times Magazine to explore how social awareness has shifted over the last 13years.

The piece asks you to observe a creature—a creature whose voice is being repeatedly modulated through digital means—try to reconcile a 13-year-old piece of writing with their conflicted contemporary condition. It’s an exhaustiveand meandering task that questions how much a shifting social context should influence the reading of the written word.



Artist Talkback
Thursday, January 16
Stay after the performance to meet the artists, ask questions, and learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating the performance.  Free event with ticket to performance. 



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