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Co-Presented by One Yellow Rabbit and Making Treaty 7

In Focus Workshops: Identity, Music and Dance


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The artists of Tlakentli lead this creative, hands-on workshop. Based on their personal background the artists invite participants to explore with movement, natural objects and music.


The artists will share their original and mixed artistic language. These international artists will guide you across a migratory journey supported by the energy that unites Indigenous nations from North to South.


The performers of Tlakentli propose an immersive experience of their world through a mix of contemporary and traditional dance, movement and performance.  Together with their musician who accompanies them on stage, they invite participants to explore the play’s
different themes and discover the traditional dance of the Mexica (formerly Aztec) people. Guided by ancestral movements and rhythms, they will rediscover and acknowledge the kinship of America’s peoples.

Participants in this workshop will become aware of the contemporary issues affecting Indigenous populations and draw links between the themes of the performance and the realities facing different communities.

Length: 2 to 3 hours (general public)
Main themes: identity, origin, escape, immigration, movements, freedom


Please note: This event is now in the Arts Learning Centre, Arts Commons.  Located below the Big Secret Theatre, and next to the Arts Commons Box Office.