A man on a park bench is biting his cellphone

When & Where

Wed8 8:00 pm Motel Theatre
Thu9 8:00 pm Motel Theatre
Fri10 8:00 pm Motel Theatre
Sat11 8:00 pm Motel Theatre
Sun12 2:30 pm Motel Theatre


Cast & Crew:

Written and Performed by Lee Papa

Direction by

Mark Creter

Lighting & Sound Design by

Mark Creter

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fucked)

Lee Papa


Edgy. Political. Funny.

A brazen return to Calgary, Lee Papa brought the wild show The Road to Rude to the HPRodeo. This daring show tackled surviving the Bush years when they didn’t think things could get worse. They were very wrong. Now we’re the midst of the mad presidency of Donald Trump and, perhaps, the end of the whole damn world.

From the business talents of Stormy Daniels to ranting anti-abortion protesters inthe Deep South to Trump himself at one of his tacky golf resorts, It’s the End ofthe World... is a personal and political journey into the clogged heart of the USA,into how we got so fucked and whether we can get un-fucked. Funny and angry,profane and perverse, Lee Papa goes to war with the present so we can try to have a future.