A group of 5 teenagers stand together in the middle of a living room

Premium Content

The Major Matt Mason Collective


Sexy, Visceral, Dynamic.

Kicking off their national tour at the High Performance Rodeo.

Blair makes videos. Blair needs a project. Blair has a webcam. Blair has some friends. Blair’s friends are into some kinky shit.

Premium Content is a play about art, consent, polyamory and the Internet. It’s aplay about boundaries: In relationships, in art, and the grey space where they converge. It’s a play about the difference between a funeral and a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a play about trying really hard to be really cool. In an age whereyou can access anything online, how do you know what is truly good and what is truly bad?

After a sold out run at the Pumphouse Theatre, the Major Matt Mason Collectiveis thrilled to be bringing this play back to Calgary audiences.The collective’s innovative production is staged with rotating casting. Six actors each learned three of the play’s five roles, offering a unique casting combination for every performance.

Featuring live video feeds, motion-capture animation, innovative design, and an ensemble engaging in the impossible, Premium Content is an explosively and undeniably live experience.


Performance runs 65 minutes.



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