A group of teenagers stand in a row on a bridge at night

Revolution Or Slumber

Western Canada High School


Brave. Hopeful. Messy.

The first high school production to be featured in the High Performance Rodeo! This is WILD!

Something has already started. A lone right whale sings a love song in an empty ocean, seeking its mate. Greta Thundberg sails into New York City, as punk as they come.The smoke from the forest fires rolls into town and Joan of Arc sets off the fire alarm at school. 12 teenagers go to a sleepover party committed to banishing shame and saving the world.

In this beautiful and enthusiastically theatrical piece by the radical young theatre artists of Western Canada High School, you will see the undeniable root of hope seed a forest at a slumber party. Whale lovers, punks, and reluctant saints are the anatomy of the revolution. Sounds intense, we know. But we are serious. We mean it. Every. Single. Word.


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Artist Talkback
Thursday, January 16
Stay after the performance to meet the artists, ask questions, and learn about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating the performance.  Free event with ticket to performance.