Three colors of fog fill the image with three performers frozen in various dance moves

When & Where


Cast & Crew:

Produced by Hong Kong Exile

Led by Natalie Tin Yin Gan

Co-created & Performed by

Michelle Lui,Milton Lim, Alex Tam,Remy Siu

Sound & Media Design by Remy Siu

Dramaturgy by Lee Su-Feh(battery opera performance)

Agent Dani Fecko, Fascinator Management

COMMISSIONED + PREMIERED BY Firehall Arts Centre (Vancouver)IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Gateway Theatre (Richmond), The Cultch(Vancouver),Anvil Centre (New Westminster) WITH SUPPORT FROM Canada Council for the Arts & British Columbia Arts Council

Room 2048 (2048 號房 )

Hong Kong Exile


“A clever, fascinating, and absorbing dance piece that lingers in the memory longafter the show . . . What unfolded over the next 50 minutes was a multi media show of impeccable class. This is a company that is full of confidence, and trusts in its ability to engage and challenge its audience.”–Lawrence Kelson, Plank Magazine

Witty, Political, Diasporic.

This is a dream machine for the Cantonese diaspora and a mezmorizing journey of theatrical magic that will captivate all audiences. In digital light and smoke, they pursue a history that is not their own. A living past, a dying future, and a stillborn present. They will lie. They will cheat. They will spend thousands of years here.Through the layering of digital light, bombastic pop music, fog, and the Chinese body, Room 2048 weaves together a series of cinematic images that speak to a global diasporic experiences of loss, desire, and nostalgia.

Sourcing Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai’s seminal films, performers are animated by live manipulated top-down projection. In digital light, bodies sway, shake, and run—oscillating between gestures of the mundane and the sacred.




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