Prashant John holding a wooden flute to a microphone and playing music as part of the High Performance Rodeo

When & Where

One Yellow Rabbit & ProArts Society

Short Stories - John Michael Prashant


This is a Free Event!

World Premiere

Chart topping, international award winning artists warm up the noon hour.  Using acoustic and electric guitar, string and percussion

instruments, and voice, they share personal and worldly stories through song. Transforming the backdrop of the lush reverberant church through an engaging performance, their music weaves melodies and rhythms from many world cultures, interspersed with
spoken word.



ProArts@Noon Concert Series presents a free-to-the-public performing arts concert every Wednesday, all year ‘round, in the historic Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. 40 minute noon hour concerts provide local and guest performers with concert recital opportunities, contributing to Calgary's vibrant arts community through a wide diversity of artistic expression.  This performance has been hand selected by ProArts Society's Artistic Director Damon Johnston and High Performance Rodeo Festival Producer Laurel Green.