Two performers face each other in chairs, both leaning forward and screaming with arms stretched out behind them.

When & Where


Featuring set design and costume pieces by artists from the Indefinite ArtsCentre

Music by Eric Smith

Concept co-created by the Momo Movement ensemble and Kyra Newton

Choreography by Kyra Newton, Kathy Austin, and Shannon Parker.

Co-Presented by One Yellow Rabbit and ProArts Society

The Mind Palace

Momo Movement


This is a Free Event.

Magical, Ethereal, Other-worldly.

A contemporary performance exploring the imaginations of the ensemble. Momo Movement is shaping how disability is felt, perceived, understood,experienced, hailed and resounded through performance. This fantastical performance will take you on a journey through the landscapes, emotions and visions of each individual performer. Prepare for the unexpected.

This is an accessible theatre experience for every body. 


ProArts@Noon Concert Series presents a free-to-the-public performing arts concert every Wednesday, all year ‘round, in the historic Cathedral Church of the Redeemer. 40 minute noon hour concerts provide local and guest performers with concert recital opportunities, contributing to Calgary's vibrant arts community through a wide diversity of artistic expression.  This performance has been hand selected by ProArts Society's Artistic Director Damon Johnston and High Performance Rodeo Festival Producer Laurel Green.