Two Women smiling at each other and reaching towards each other's hat

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This unique Calgary performance is supported through writing workshops with local high profile writer BarbHoward; performers are coached by senior theatre artists-in Calgary, Denise Clark. Across Canada, principal artists are writer Lorri Nelson Glenn (Halifax),writer Katherine Govier (Toronto) actor/director Kate Lynch (Toronto) actor/director Leah Cherniak (Toronto) and writer Caroline Adderson (Vancouver) and voice coach/directors Allison Matthews and Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg(Vancouver).

The Shoe Project Steps Up

The Shoe Project


Growing each year, with richer, more intimate stories to share; The Shoe Project is back for the third year in a row at the High Performance Rodeo.

The Shoe Project Steps Up is a brand new, locally produced performance by 12 Calgary-based immigrant and refugee women who will tell their stories of arrival and adaptation to Canada... this time not through a pair of shoes but through a hat.

Stories are accompanied by photographs and music.  The stories are illuminating, moving and inspiring; the women are brave and brilliant.The Shoe Project presents is a 4-city project with unique local performances across the country in Halifax, Toronto,Calgary and Vancouver in January 2020 and culminating on March 8th,International Women's Day. In each city the performers and stories will be local.