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Always A Friend

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Always A Friend



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Singer-songwriter and guitarist Alejandro Escovedo is a punk rock pioneer and veteran of the Latino rock scene whose career has spanned almost 45 years.  This American rock musician, songwriter, and singer, has been recording and touring since the late 1970s. His primary instrument is the guitar. He has played in various rock genres, including punk rock, roots rock and alternative country.  

A celebrated singer and songwriter, Alejandro Escovedo has as eclectic a background and body of work. As comfortable performing with a string ensemble as he is with an amped-up power trio, and as likely to bare his soul in his lyrics as he is to lay out some serious rock & roll swagger, Escovedo had already played an important role in punk (with the Nuns), roots rock (the True Believers), and alt-country (Rank & File) before he launched a solo career.



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


Alejandro Escovedo is one of the celebrated artists from the 21st Annual High Performance Rodeo.  During the festival he could be seen in, Alejandro Escovedo: The Boxing Mirror, with guests Jan Krueger & The Tipplers. 

If you were lucky, you were able to catch a candid, improptu performance by Escovedo at 4:00 AM during the High Performance Rodeo in 2002 at the Laycraft Lounge, the official lounge of the High Performance Rodeo, an experience that is still spoken about around the bar each year by festival-goers.  



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