Barry Bilinsky



From the artist: "We wear many maks.  That's what we are told, but I have come to learn is that the masks I use to express and protect myself are the remnants of all those that have aided me on this journey.  I am my community, and I have a responsibilities, heartaches, and triumphs gifted to me.  This piece is kind of about that." 



Artist Bio


Barry is a director, writer, actor …and clown.  

Barry Bilinsky is an Alberta-based theatre artist of Metis/Cree descent originally from Edmonton, Alberta in Treaty 6 territory. His work spans several disciplines, as a theatre Director, Writer, and Clown-based Performer, as well as along the spectrum of community driven projects to professional theatre. Barry is the Artistic Director of Fool Spectrum Theatre, a clown-based theatre company in Alberta, as well as an Artistic Associate with Iiniistsi Treaty Arts Society, Alberta Aboriginal Arts, and the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society. A graduate of the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts program, Barry focuses on creating work with diverse communities through various art disciplines.

From the artist:  "Clowning is inescapable - like - you do it ONE TIME and boom.  I have worked extensively in Indigenous Arts across Canada and I am honoured to…say…that…seriously.  Like all I can get recognized as sometimes is a clown.  It's pretty dope." 



What's Next For The Artist


Barry Bilinsky can be spotted next at the Indigenous People's Exeperience cultural attraction reveal at Fort Edmonton, 2021. 



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