Caleigh Crow

Who Am I Now?

Who Am I Now?

Solidarity, Change, and Urgency.  These are words and ideas imparted in this genesis.  She's talking about changes. She's talking about what's the same. Exploitation and work dreams. What it feels like to be essential. What hurts about being non-essential.



Artist Bio


Caleigh Crow is a queer Métis writer, musician, and performer from Calgary. Her primary focus of her art includes themes of metaphysics, class struggle, magic, and joy. Her previous work includes exploriation of a talking crow with magical powers who transforms a grocery store clerk into the agent of her own freedom, the Antifa Supersoldier, the intersection between 12th century Franciscan nuns and Britney Spears, witch revenge, and a landlord musical.



What's Next For The Artist


Caleigh is currently writing for Making Treaty 7 Society's Playwright Circle.  This collaboration will be presented this April.



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@caleigh_crow and @thumbsupgoodwork