Diane Flacks

The Rope

The Rope

Here we are.  Struggling through this shitshowpandemicfuckery. Like our audience, artists are hitting their walls. This piece emborides a simple story of a woman at the end of her rope. We follow her as she, like all of us, trudges through her feelings as she tries to figure out what to do next. Oh and there's a dog.  The rope is about something we are all grieving - one on one, authentic communciations with an audience. 



Artist Bio


Diane Flacks is a writer/actor/story editor and is apparently still standing.  She works extensively in theatre, tv, radio and other media. Last season she appeared as Nathan in Nathan the Wise at Stratford, and her hit play, Unholy, was published, filmed for TV, and was set to tour nationally before Covid hit. She's currently developing tv projects, a film, and a play for Stratford. She was last at the High Performance Rodeo in 2000 with her 3rd solo show, Random Acts. She is presently developing her fifth solo show, Guilt.



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


2000 - Random Acts
This fictional story of a motivational speaker who is pushed in front of a bus in a Random Act of violence explores issues of fate, the meaning behind suffering, love and our faith in cultural gurus. The play asks: how would this cynical wounded healer and her world of skeptics and seekers respond?



What's Next For The Artist


Tarragon Theatre recorded a podcast version of her play Sibs, written and performned with Richard Greenblatt, and it will be available in January from Great Canadian Theatre Company.  

A selection from a new play, PALS, will be availabe from Winnipeg Jewish Theatre in January. 



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