Jamie Tognazzini



Jamie rolled over and heard the birds- ever since,  it’s like everything is half underwater.  This artifact is about a life altering change in perception, and a fluid, slow suspension in that new isolated reality.  

Jamie recorded the music using most of the instruments in the apartment and a hand-me-down laptop.

Peek through a hole in the floor of an imaginary upstairs neighbour!  Grab your kaleidoscope and dream your own Busby Berkeley depression-era fantasy! 



Artist Bio


Jamie performs as a vocalist, actor, installation/visual artist, puppeteer and dance/movement artist, passionately creating new work, crafting/building and transcending genres. Jamie deeply believes in live performance, and shared experience.



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


Since 2008, you may have spotted Jamie Tognazzini on our stages at the High Performance Rodeo.  Those in the know will also recognize Tognazzini as one of our dedicated festival volunteers. 

2008 - Hurt Locker, Freakshow

2008 - Sister Mary, Our Lady of the Pitz
The Midway stage

2009 - 3-headed radio sensation, Freakshow
The Midway stage, swallow-a-bicycle

2010 - +15 Parade, The Midway Parade

2010 - Birthday Girl, Freakshow

2015 - 10–Minute Play Festival
Urban Curvz

2016 - Calgary, I Love You, but You're Killing Me
One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

2018 - Moon, Moon, No Moon
One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre

2020 - 10–Minute Play Festival



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