Kenna Burima sitting on a piano bench with arm propped up to support her head while looking into the camera

Kenna Burima

The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread

From the artist: "I wish to see my music through Brianna’s art. This video is that; their visual translation of that which found me late one night at my piano. When I sit in the dark to write, most times what comes first is a melody. There are times I believe it to be something I’ve heard before. Other times, I breathe and through the filter of my being, the mystery of a song unfolds itself to me. The Golden Thread."  

The Golden Thread, is the anticipated opening track to my upcoming album "While She Sleeps". 



Artist Bio


Kenna Burima is a composer, musician, writer and teacher. She is currently immersed in collaboration with visual artist Brianna Strong for her third album While She Sleeps; a large-scale musical and visual art project that weaves music composition, notation and performance together with visual art, digital media and animation. 



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


Kenna Burima has an incredibly rich history with One Yellow Rabbit and the High Performance Rodeo.  You may have spotted her at The Midway, The Grandstand and The Annie Sprinkle Wedding!  Kenna was also seen in:

2015 - Rico's Requiem
A musical composition commissioned for the Calgary Tower's Carillon honouring Richard McDowell and her father. 

2016 - The Calgary Songs Project
A 30 song playlist of musical pieces written by Calgarians, and transcribed and performed on the Calgary Tower's Carillon.

2019 - Laycraft Lounge Piano Bar
A weekly piano bar at the Laycraft Lounge, the official lounge of the High Performance Rodeo.  Kenna delighted arts and theatre-goers, playing requests and original pieces; accumulating at the live-piano-karaoke night, co-hosted with Chris Nevile. 



What's Next For The Artist


Kenna Burima has an acitve music education series:  "Music Class with Kenna", "Things I Love About Music" and "What Music Taught Me".  Check out these eudcational series on Instagram @kennaburima.

The While She Sleeps Project
Slated for a fall 2021 release, which includes an illuminated songbook, interpreters collection and animated studio recordings.  All designed in co-cration with visual artist Brianna Strong.



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