Kirk Miles



From the artist: "The title of the poem “Hypoxia” is the medical term for a body or a region of the body  deprived of oxygen. This poem relives the life of a healthcare worker who has arrived home exhausted and overwhelmed by his emotions. For some inexplicable reason he has managed to turn on the TV to a Vietnam War movie with a cliché death scene. These are some of his random thoughts."  



Artist Bio


Renowned poet, producer, and clown; Calgary audiences know to expect the unexpected from this longtime spoken word performer and one of the co-founders of One Yellow Rabbit.

An exceptional list of accolades as an award-winning poet and author, Kirk Miles defines the meaning of exceptional. Several published books of poetry, Bravo has aired a special on his life as a poet and clown.

Kirk Miles has published four books of poetry and has won the Alberta Screenwriters Award in 2009 for a screenplay entitled Shadow Makers.  In 2011 he was awarded the Golden Beret Award, from the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival, and he has been nominated four times for the Calgary Poet Laureate position.



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


Kirk Miles has a rooted history with One Yellow Rabbit and the High Performance Rodeo.  Those include Wildlife and Firearms with Sheri D Wilson. "me & Bob & BOB & me" - A small poetic sketch of my inspirational relationship with Bob Dylan. A book opening "of ash of brick of water" featuring Danielle French, and many more roles throughout many decades both behind-the-scenes, and on our stages.



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