Peter Moller

The Gold Rush REDUX Trailer

The Gold Rush REDUX Trailer

From the artist: "The artifact is a trailer for Gold Rush REDUX, a sound-reinterpretation of Charlie Chaplin's first feature length film.  It includes a new sound track plus live foley and music by some of the brightest lights of Calgary's theatre and music scenes: Allison Lynch, Kris Demeanor, Chantal Vitalis, Jamie Konchak, Jamie Tognazzini, Joni Brent and Peter Moller.  It follows on the heels of last year's highly successful presentation of Modern Times REDUX at the Grand Theatre.



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A kick-ass group of friends and like-minded artists open to all forms of creative endeavour and experimentation. Alphabetically: Joni Brent, Kris Demeanor, Jamie Konchak, Allison Lynch, Peter Moller, Jamie Tognazzini, Chantal Vitalis.



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2017 - All The Little Animals I Have Eaten
Sound designer

2006 - The Shrine of Impossible Love & Moller Vs Michel

1999 - Mistero Buffo

1998 - The Carrot Warrior Seminar

1996 - Paranormal

1993 - The Cruise
Performer & Musician

1991 - Hung, Drawn & Quartered
Performer and Musician



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