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35 Seconds

35 Seconds

From the artist: "The precise answer to an non answerable question.  It is a montage of photos from the performance "The end of laughter" which was inspired by the British government and all negotiations about the Brexit."



Artist Bio


This boldy international theatre troop from Germany, Theaterlabor has stood for expressive, cross-border, experimental theater for 35 years. Theaterlabor looks for interesting partners for every production and work across genres. Visual artists create stage sets and objects, musicians compose stage music and are there live at the performances. Theaterlabor develops its own, topic-related aesthetic for every piece, every event. There is a very intensive exchange between everyone involved in a production. Each piece is created in a joint process - collective work is one of their core values.

Siegmar Schröder founder and director of Theaterlabor Bielefeld since 1983 has directed 90 productions, the production "The End of Laughter" from 2019 and responsible for the montage of the video "35 seconds".

Theaterlabor toured Canada in 2009 and 2011.



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


2009 - Body Fragments
Inspired by Francis Bacon.

2011 - Absurdesque
Based on the Bold Soprano, by Lonesco.



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