Theatre Replacement

Good Fighter

Good Fighter

From the artist: “A hand drawn animation over top a photo of Theatre Replacement Co-Artistic Directors Maiko Yamamoto and James Long by Stephen Drover. The artifact was made in response to the prompt: Who are you now? It uses the song, A Peculiar Value, by Vancouver musician Veda Hille, and talks about time and place, while moving towards an unknown future." 



Artist Bio


Theatre Replacement is an ongoing collaboration between James Long and Maiko Yamamoto. Whether working together or apart, the pair work with a wide range of collaborators and use extended processes to create performances, events and public art projects from intentionally simple beginnings. Their work is about a genuine attempt to coexist. Conversations, interviews and arguments collide with Yamamoto and Long’s aesthetics, resulting in theatrical experiences that are authentic, immediate and hopeful.



Spotted At The High Performance Rodeo 


2016 - Kate Bowie (2016)

2016 - WeeTube

2017 - Winners and Losers

2020 - Footnote Number 12



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