Pearle Harbour's Agit-Pop!

Justin Miller

Pearle Harbour returns to the High Performance Rodeo after the highly praised Pearle Habour's Chuatuaqua sold-out before the festival even started in 2019!

A raucous and ever-changing cabaret, Agit-Pop! Is a collection of Pearle Harbour’s most hilarious, heart-wrenching, and best short acts, developed over six years of live performance with audiences.It’s an evening in her goodie bag.

Weaving her signature acid wit and demented storytelling through the day’s headlines, Pearle takes on the world, from an apocalyptic climate, to digital escapism, fake news and fake history, the lust for housing, rising nuclear tension (past and future)..In other words: the “agit” part.

Each story is paired a bold new arrangement on classic pop song, sampling all-time greats and elsser known favourites from David Bowie, Jud Garland, Tom Waits, Nat King Cole, The Beach Boys, and more, accompanied by original music videos (created by video artist Adam Miller) that delight and disturb. You know: the ‘pop’ part.

Oh yes, about that title...

Agit-prop: a political strategy of mobilizing public opinion or action through popular media.

In this tradition, Agit-Pop! Is a drag musical spectacle whose effect is at once both entertaining and provocative, familiar and bizarre.



When & Where

Thu27 7:30 pm Big Secret Theatre
Fri28 7:30 pm Big Secret Theatre
Sat29 7:30 pm Big Secret Theatre