Pochsy IV: Excerpts from Work in Progress

Karen Hines

Ingenious, acidic comedy ... a hallucinatory ultra-feminine living corpse. (The Globe & Mail)

Meet Pochsy, the nasty, vapid, utterly charming embodiment of evil –wrapped in a bow. Eerily coy, seductive but with a poisonous bite, Pochsy garbles ad slogans, self-help mantras, and desperate grabs at meaning into a postmodern pastiche that is hilarious and harrowing, sweet and bitter at the same time. Pochsy’s lush satire redefines what’s good for us –if it hurts this divinely, it must be healthy.

The character Pochsy (an anagram for Psycho; sounds like “the pox”) was invented in 1992 by Karen Hines for the Fringe. Pochsy then evolved through a trilogy of award-winning plays, a book, and several short films that have screened around the world. Pochsy IV mark the first time in over fifteen years that Pochsy has taken the stage. Now, she can’t not speak.

Part of the Excerpts from Work in Progress Series at the High Performance Rodeo.

To be in love with Pochsy, as I am, is an exquisitely perverse addiction ... She's like a disease you want to get in the hopes that it will purge something bigger. (The Georgia Straight)

Imagine Greek Tragedy by Betty Boop.(Montreal Gazette)I laughed, I cried, I called my friends. (Minneapolis-St.Paul Pioneer Press


When & Where

Sat22 9:15 pm Big Secret Theatre