This Is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear

David Gagnon Walker

May 26 – 28

An Imaginative and poetic fable.

David Gagnon Walker, playwright of the HPRodeo 2020 hit Premium Content, has written a story for himself and a gathering of friends and strangers to read together out loud. It’s the imaginary story of an imaginary child in an imaginary land. A poetic fable about how to live with the slowly unfolding emergencies of our world, it’s also an invitation to join in on the artistic process, and a testament to the power of a roomful of people discovering a new story together.

Created by a team of award-winning artists from across Canada, This Is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear invites you back to the theatre after the strangest year of our lives, asking you to help tell a story about worry and wonder, loneliness and community, beauty and fear.


Written and performed by David Gagnon Walker

Directed by Christian Barry and Judy Wensel

Multimedia design by Tori Morrison

Physical design by Morgan Melenka


Produced by Strange Victory Performance