Co-Presented by One Yellow Rabbit and Springboard


Édouard Lock

ÉCHO, is a new work of cinematography and live performance, created and directed by world-renowned choreographer and visionary, Édouard Lock. This evening of film, dance and conversation will leave you mesmerised and delighted.

This multidisciplinary experience features a film by Édouard Lock; cinematic compositions of shadows and light as a backdrop to choreographed movement by the renowned Rachel Buriassi, set to original music. Rachele Buriassi, Principal dancer of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, dances (on screen, and then on stage), the rhythm and cadence of her movements flowing through the choreography as James O’Callaghan’s score resonates with both dissonance and harmony. Édouard Lock directs and choreographs. This captivating evening concludes with an intimate conversation between artists as Denise Clarke joins Édouard Lock on stage for a special feature conversation on the arts.

60 Mins. 

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