Sleepwalk Collective and Christoper Brett Bailey

Racing across the savage inner-landscape of the human mind, two unlikely (anti)heroes pursue a nightmare vision of freedom through spiralling episodes of intense sensuality and phantasmagoric violence. 

PSYCHODRAMA is a gooey, drippy dream of a show, a pop-cultural exorcism, a runaway train riding a burnt synapse through the centre of your skull. A celebration of the corrosive power of storytelling that asks who are all those voices inside your head? And how did they get there? And if you could silence those voices, would you?

This is the third instalment of the Christopher Brett Bailey Sleepwalk Collective's triptych productions at the High Performance Rodeo.

75 Mins. 

"What A F***ing Genius" – Smiths Magazine 

"Superbly written ... gruesome, exceptional ... addivtve, bold, gooey brilliance.  Put down that pesky tv remote and get a ticket." ★★★★★ – The Crumb

Cast and Crew:

Written & created by Sleepwalk Collective & Christopher Brett Bailey

Performed by iara Solano Arana & Christopher Brett Bailey

With the voice of Nhung Dang

Music & Sound Design by Christopher Brett Bailey & Sammy Metcalfe

Stage Design by iara Solano Arana

Lights by Sammy Metcalfe

Wigs by Katie Du’Mont

Costumes by Paola de Diego

Produced by Beckie Darlington


Commissioned by Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque, Theatre in the Mill, Cambridge Junction, and Battersea Arts Centre. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.



The show contains:

●      Haze
●      Moments of complete darkness
●      Loud or sudden music/sounds