Christopher Brett Bailey

Like to binge-watch Netflix? You're about to binge on theatre. The Sleepwalk Collective and Christopher Brett Bailey are about to descend upon Calgary and take over the High Performance Rodeo with not one production, not two productions, but THREE productions at the festival.

THIS IS HOW WE DIE is the critically acclaimed debut solo show from Christopher Brett Bailey - virtuosic and visceral spoken word performance. A motor-mouthed collage of spoken word and storytelling. Tales of paranoia, young love and ultra-violence. From the desk of Christopher Brett Bailey comes a spiralling odyssey of pitch-black humour and nightmarish prose.                         

With echoes of Lenny Bruce, William Burroughs, beat poetry and B-movies, THIS IS HOW WE DIE is a prime slice of surrealist trash, an Americana death trip and a dizzying exorcism for a world convinced it is dying...     

This is the first instalment of the Sleepwalk Collective/ Christopher Brett Bailey's triptych productions. See each show alone or as take on our challenge and see all there - we dare you!

High Performance Rodeo and spoken word poetry fans of Shane Koyczan; this one's for you! 

60 Mins. 

"An absurd road movie of the soul cut with a razor wit and bubbling paranoia." ★★★★★ – The Guardian