A Space For All


One Yellow Rabbit provides a welcoming space for all at the High Performance Rodeo.  We are dedicated to listening to our community while continuing to educate ourselves and our staff on the ways in which we can serve our community.  

Safer Space

All Are Welcome
Respect Each Other
No Homophobia
No Sexism
No Racism
No Transphobia
No Harassment
No Ableism
No General Hatefulness

If you have any questions or feel conconered during the High Performance Rodeo, please identify yourself to any of our staff, box office, volunteers, or bar staff.  You can also email us.



One Yellow Rabbit is committed to doing better every day in creating a safe environment of equity, diversity, inclusion and access (EDIA), for artists, employees, volunteers and audience members in coming together for shared authentic artistic experiences.  We would also acknowledge that we have received the 35//50 initiative.

To that end we are taking a deep look at our place and our practices which we will continue to do on an ongoing basis for the good of the community.

We know that we need to not only look closely but to also work diligently at bettering our systems and the opening of our doors regarding EDIA at the administrative and board level.

We acknowledge that we are at the starting line and our work will continue as we declare our commitment to equity for all. We are grateful for the CommunityWise Anti-Racist Organizational Change (AROC) resources as guidance with our work in this area and for the resources provided by CADA, PACT, Theatre Alberta, the Ad Hoc Assembly, as well as individuals inside and outside of our organization. 

Current Actions:

  • The formation of Diversity & Inclusion committee on our board.
  • OYR is an active member of the PACT ALL IN (PWI) training as designed and delivered by the AD HOC Assembly as facilitated by Theatre Alberta.
  • Active bystander team training with the Calgary Centre for Sexuality in 2018 and 2019 with the goal of creating a safe space for all in our theatres and workplace.
  • Establishment of an active 3rd party anti-harassment hot line for staff and contractors in the fall of 2019. 
  • Applying to the IBPOC Leadership Residency Grant offered by the Rozsa Foundation with the goal to work with an established IBPOC artist on a leadership track with our company. 
  • We will publicly report annually on the diversity presented in our seasons going forward.

In Our History:

  • One Yellow Rabbit has contributed directly and significantly in the Making Treaty 7 stage production. 
  • The High Performance Rodeo has actively produced and presented many Indigenous companies and work over its 35-year history. 
  • Over 36% IBPOC work was presented at the 2020 High Performance Rodeo. 
  • We have taken a 10-year audit on the IBPOC work presented at the High Performance Rodeo which we will make available on request.

These are some of the actions we stand for, are doing, and now actively moving towards, with more to come as we evolve.