Laycraft Lounge


The Laycraft Lounge is currently open 30 minutes before performances in the Big Secret Theatre. Experience après theatre, avant theatre, parties and High Performance Rodeo camaraderie at the Laycraft Lounge, the official watering hole of the HPRodeo.

It's where you schmooze with the artists, chat with the audience, opine with the producers and mingle with the paparazzi.

The HPRodeo Bar located at the Big Secret Theatre, on the 2nd floor of the Arts Commons building, overlooking the scenic Olympic Plaza. It's connected by Plus 15 to downtown underground parking lots, so you don't even need to put on your coat.

Laycraft Lounge is the HPRodeo’s hottest watering hole. Laying down craft beer, curated wine, house made cocktails, and tasty snacks with a sweet side of good vibes.

No HPRodeo experience is complete without a trip to the Laycraft.



You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase alcohol at the Laycraft Lounge.  All ages welcome, valid government identification required at the bar.


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