Rodeo 2012 Leak #3: Laurie Anderson's Another Day in America

Arguably the world's most popular - and influential - performance artist, Laurie Anderson's body of work includes more than ten albums as well as collaborations with major counter-culture figures like William S. Burroughs, Brian Eno and Philip Glass.

Last seen performing in Calgary in 2005, we are thrilled to have Laurie Anderson return as High Performance Rodeo Artist-in-Residence, which will include a performance of her new creation, Another Day in America!

Expect new songs, new stories, biting social and political observation, loads of humour, and a starring role for Fenway Bergamot, Anderson's infamous audio-drag alter ego.

The High Performance Rodeo and Theatre Junction GRAND present Laurie Anderson's new work, Another Day in America, running January 11-14, 2012.

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